AGWA Risk Assessment & Reduction Methodologies

AGWA supports the concept of "bottom-up" approaches to risk assessment and reduction. Below you will information on three complementary approaches: an ongoing AGWA initiative known as Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA), the World Bank's Decision Tree Framework, and Eco-Engineering Decision Scaling (EEDS). Click on any approach to find out more.

For an overview of bottom-up methodologies, check out AGWA's
Beyond Downscaling publication.

Now under development for publication in the second quarter of 2017, CRIDA provides stepwise planning guidance for water resources planners, managers, and engineers to implement robust water management as promoted by the AGWA network — particularly for water managers working in the developing world. CRIDA will initially launch as a publication, and support a community of practice to rapidly scale up implementation.

The Decision Tree Framework is a robust decision scaling approach from the World Bank that provides resource-limited project planners and program managers with a cost-effective and effort-efficient, scientifically defensible, repeatable, and clear method for demonstrating the robustness of a project to climate change. The framework adopts a “bottom-up” approach to risk assessment that aims at a thorough understanding of a project’s vulnerabilities to climate change in the context of other nonclimate uncertainties.

EEDS is a powerful bottom-up decision framework that serves to operationalizing freshwater sustainability within the design and operation of water infrastructure. It explicitly and quantitatively explores trade-offs in stakeholder-defined engineering and performance metrics across a range of possible management actions under unknown future hydrological and climate states.

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Founded in 2010, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) is an informal network for water resources adaptation to climate change, focused on supporting experts, decision makers, and institutions within the water community to find common solutions for sustainable water resources management.

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